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Hyoscine-Butylbromide is a natural medical product which has been included in the class of antacids. The active compound of Hyoscine-Butylbromide is known to be Calcium Carbonate. You should know that this clinical remedy does not contain any preservatives, artificial flavoring, dairy products, corn, gluten, wheat, yeast or sugar. A dose of this clinical remedy should contain about 250 mg of Calcium Carbonate, 380 mg of Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice, an extract from Glycyrrhiza Glabra, and about 50 mg of one of the most common amino-acids (glycine). What differentiates Hyoscine-Butylbromide from other clinical remedies that serve the same purpose (to mask abdominal pain and / or cramps), especially from the average pain-killer remedy, is the fact that this antacid is that it aims to correct (if possible) the cause of the problem (it relaxes the abdominal muscles, for example).
Clinical studies have proven that a therapy course with Hyoscine-Butylbromide is able to provide, in most cases, a fast and effective relief of unpleasant abdominal spasms and / or cramps. Although there are many clinical causes that may trigger such symptoms, Hyoscine-Butylbromide is a quick and efficient solution no matter the cause. Although in most cases Hyoscine-Butylbromide may be purchased without a special prescription, you should consult with your main clinical prescriber before you start employing Hyoscine-Butylbromide on a regular basis.


The safety of this antacid remedy in the case of infants who are younger than 6 years of age has not been clinically determined. Thus, Hyoscine-Butylbromide should not be administered to such patients unless a well trained pediatrician has consented to the use of Hyoscine-Butylbromide. No individual is allowed to use Hyoscine-Butylbromide in a high dose for more than 14 days without referring to their main clinical prescriber. If the symptoms persist after 2 weeks of intensive therapy with Hyoscine-Butylbromide (2 weeks in which the patient has prescribed the maximum dosage of this antacid), then you are probably suffering from a severe clinical condition that requires special medical attention. Although your clinical prescriber may tell you to continue using this antacid remedy, he or she will probably want to closely monitor your intake of Hyoscine-Butylbromide.

Intake Guidelines

It is each individual's responsibility to make sure that he or she is familiarized with the adequate way of employing their doses of Hyoscine-Butylbromide prior to their first use of Hyoscine-Butylbromide. It is imperative for each patient to use this antacid remedy in a proper way in order to avoid experiencing the unpleasant side effects of Hyoscine-Butylbromide and in order to make sure that they will experience all the expected beneficial results of such a treatment course. If you do not posses any such information, you should carefully study the drug's label or refer to your main clinical prescriber. It is important to keep your pack of Hyoscine-Butylbromide in a location which cannot be easily reached by infants or pets. Keeping Hyoscine-Butylbromide in a hot / humid place is not advised.


As a therapy course with Hyoscine-Butylbromide is only advised in the case of children over the age of 6 and in the case of adults, in this chapter we will present you the average dosing routine that should be employed by such patients. A treatment course with Hyoscine-Butylbromide should pay off in a beneficial way if the individual uses 2 tablets of this antacid clinical remedy about 4 times a day. If your symptoms return or if you are unhappy with the results of your therapy course, alert your main clinical prescriber. Such patients may employ a dose (2 tablets) of Hyoscine-Butylbromide on an hourly basis. However, following such a treatment course without the consent of a well trained medical provider is strictly forbidden.


Unfortunately, cases of over-dosage with Hyoscine-Butylbromide have been reported. Although we cannot tell you what symptoms such a clinical condition may trigger, you should know that the use of more than 32 tablets of this antacid clinical remedy on a daily basis severely increases your risk of experiencing overdose. This condition may delay the expected beneficial results of your treatment course. In case over-dosage with Hyoscine-Butylbromide is suspected, the patient should immediately report to the nearest emergency center.

Missed Dose

In some cases, patients are advised to use a dose of Hyoscine-Butylbromide only when they develop a set of unwanted symptoms (abdominal pain and / or cramps). In such cases, a missed dose of this antacid is unlikely to occur. It is important to take your prescribed doses of Hyoscine-Butylbromide at the same time on a daily basis, as this increases the effectiveness of your therapy course. In case a missed dose of Hyoscine-Butylbromide disrupts you treatment trial with Hyoscine-Butylbromide, make sure that you replace it as soon as possible, provided that you were not supposed to employ a new dose of this antacid in the following 2 hours.

Side Effects

Sadly, cases of hypersensitivity to Hyoscine-Butylbromide have been reported. Such individuals developed breathing problems, swelling and / or hives during their therapy course with Hyoscine-Butylbromide. In case you experience these symptoms or any other similar clinical manifestations, cease using this antacid medication and seek professional medical care.


You should ask your main clinical prescriber if it is safe to combine your therapy course with Hyoscine-Butylbromide with the use of any other clinical remedies. Your local pharmacist should also be able to provide you with professional medical facts concerning this matter.