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Enterogermina is a medication that is widely employed in the prevention and in the therapy of abnormal alterations of the individual's intestinal flora. A treatment trial with Enterogermina is able to re-establish the normal (healthy) balance of the patient's intestinal flora. Abnormal alterations could affect this flora if the individual has recently undergone any therapies with chemotherapeutic agents, antibiotics, and so on.
Some physicians also choose to prescribe Enterogermina to very young patients (even babies) who are suffering from both chronic and acute gastrointestinal medical conditions. Such disorders can be triggered either by alterations of the baby's intestinal flora (this disorder manifests through the organism's inability to properly assimilate and produce vitamins) or by any type of intoxications. The organism's intestinal flora is a very important component of the body's immune system, as it forms a natural and effective barrier of defense that acts against unwanted bacteria. An imbalance in the equilibrium of this natural barrier can present itself with symptoms such as the following: diarrhea, an abnormal increase in the amount of air that is found in the patient's intestine, abdominal pain, and so on. If you present any of these symptoms, or, if for any reason, you suspect that you might be suffering from a similar medical condition, we strongly advise you to contact your personal health care provider and seek his or her medical advice.
Enterogermina is actually a suspension of bacteria spores (that is generally taken in its oral form). A single dose of Enterogermina should be able to restore the individual's intestinal flora balance. Physicians consider Enterogermina (Enterogermina) one of the first medicines of choice in the treatment and in the prevention of similar medical conditions.


Before any patient who has been diagnosed with a disruption in the balance of his or her intestinal flora can start a treatment trial with Enterogermina (Enterogermina) he or she should discuss with their personal doctor both the risks and the benefits that this prophylaxis is known to imply. Together, you will be able to establish whether a treatment trial with Enterogermina (Enterogermina) is in fact your best prophylaxis option and if it suits your condition.
Before your personal health care provider is allowed to prescribe you a treatment trial with Enterogermina (Enterogermina), he or she will probably want to know more about your current general health status but also about any serious past medical conditions that you have experienced. You should make sure that you are able to give your personal health physician sufficient (detailed) data regarding both your personal and your family medical history. Before you will be prescribed the intake of Enterogermina, your doctor might ask you to undergo a set of clinical tests that should make sure that your organism will adequately respond to a therapy with Enterogermina. Individuals who are to follow a therapy with Enterogermina for the very first time, also have to undergo a set of allergy tests that should determine whether they are suffering from any allergic reactions to Enterogermina's main ingredients.

Intake Guidelines

Reliable information regarding your future therapy with Enterogermina should be found in the drug's label. It is best to accompany your doses of this suspension with beverages (water, tea, juice, and so on). For further information, report to your personal health care provider.


An adult is generally prescribed 5 ampoules of the Enterogermina suspension on a daily basis. The dose of children is smaller, as it varies from 3 to 4 ampoules of Enterogermina per day. Babies should only be given 2 to 3 ampoules of this suspension in 24 hours.


Over dosage with Enterogermina can turn into a severe medical condition if the patient is not granted professional medical care in due time. This is why any individual who suspects that he or she might have accidentally overdosed ought to go to the nearest clinical centre as soon as they can. It is best to take your Enterogermina pack with you.

Missed Dose

Although such a disruption in your dosing schedule with Enterogermina is not a severe condition, it will affect the effectiveness of your therapy with Enterogermina. Ask your personal health care provider to tell you what to do if such a condition emerges.

Side Effects

Like most other medical products, Enterogermina can trigger a set of unpleasant adverse reactions that manifest in their severe form especially in the case of elderly patients and / or children. For further information regarding the potential side effects that could occur due to your therapy with Enterogermina, we strongly advise you to consult your personal physician. A list of the average adverse reactions that affect most patients should be found in the label of Enterogermina.


Unfortunately, we do not possess sufficient information regarding the potential drug interactions that could occur between Enterogermina and any other medical products on the market. We strongly advise each individual who is following a therapy with Enterogermina to ask for his or her physician's approval before starting a treatment with any other medicines during their prophylaxis with Enterogermina.